a beauty, wellness & fitness conference

san francisco, ca
sep 25–26, 2022

build iconic
brand iconic

Vagaro empowers business owners, entrepreneurs and self-made professionals who are building a business at any level. Join our community of your peers as we provide inspiration and knowledge around the platform, along with strategies to help you get started & scale to the next level of success.

the iconic experience

A two-day conference dedicated to you, our customers and industry professionals all over the world. In the heart of San Francisco, our goal is to engage, inspire & educate. Join us and hear from your peers, other entrepreneurs who have established success, and inspirational leaders in your industry.

breakout sessions

From global icons, like Venus Williams & Tabatha Coffey, to well-known industry experts & Vagaro Super Users, you'll gain effective tips and leveled strategies to grow your business, grow as a professional, and become an iconic leader in your business & your industry.

wellness classes

Wake up each morning to complimentary wellness classes to help you get your day started. Kicking off your day with your health in mind is proven to help you have a productive day with better energy, more focus and a better mood.

meet with our vagaro specialists

Our team will be onsite and available to answer any questions. Whether you are new to Vagaro or looking to scale up with your businesses, we will walk you through your inquiry, step by step.

iconic speakers

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Tabatha Coffey

Hair Stylist, Salon Owner, Beauty Entrepreneur & TV Personality

John Hallberg

Founder of TheSalonBusiness.com

Fred Helou

Founder & CEO of Vagaro

Luka Hocevar

Founder of Vigor Ground Fitness Professional Basketball Player, Fitness Coach (NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB).

Cameron Kepford

Founder of Haus of Heir, Social Media Guru, Salon Industry Expert

Lisa Suarez

Vagaro Super User, Owner of Lacquer Gallery, and Hair, Nails, Skin & Tattoo Industry Expert

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iconic.22 will be held at Bespoke's 18,000 square feet of gorgeous event space, showcasing a modern aesthetic in San Francisco’s SoMa district. The historic Emporium Dome dazzles as a central gathering place in the city since 1896, and rooftop access 160 feet above the street grants breathtaking views of our city by the bay.

bespoke sf

845 Market St. Suite 450
San Francisco, CA 94103


The luxurious InterContinental San Francisco, just steps away from the conference site, provides unparalleled access to famous San Francisco attractions, acclaimed restaurants, premier shopping & convenient public transport options. Immerse yourself in the city’s culture and charm.

Intercontinental sf

888 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94103