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7x Grand Slam Singles Tennis Champion, 4x Olympic Gold Medalist, Sportswear & Lifestyle Brand Entrepreneur, and New York Times Best Selling Author
Venus Williams at Iconic 22

Fred Helou

Founder & CEO of Vagaro

Luka Hocevar

Entrepreneur, Founder of Vigor Ground Fitness, Former Pro Basketball Player, Fitness Trainer for Professional Athletes

Paula Peralta

Los Angeles Celebrity Hair Stylist and John Paul Mitchell Systems Artistic Director

Cameron Kepford

Social Media Influencer and Owner of Haus of Heir

Britt Seva

Beauty Business Coach and CEO & Founder of Thrivers Society

Nick Romero

Barber & Owner of Rawknykz Barber Shop and Educator at Thank My Barber!

Cassie Baker

Celebrity Lash and Brow Artist

Ashley Bias

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Bias Beauty

John Mosley

Celebrity Barber, Educator, Founder and CEO of The Popular Nobody, John Paul Mitchell Systems Artistic Director

Alyssa Hare

Professional Hairstylist and Beauty Industry Business Coach

Dominique DiBenedetto

Hairstylist, Owner of Aura Hair Co., Salon Owner Business Coach, Alternative Hair Specialist, Redken Artist

Ellis White

Fitness Coach, Owner of Premier Fitness

Tarik Celebi

Founder and CEO of GLO Yoga

Mai Sims & Krista Davidson

Massage Therapists, Owners of Bodyology Therapeutic Massage
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Kathryn Derby

Director of HR, Alchemy Face Bar

Cassidee Banks

Hairstylist, Owner of Golden State Strands

Tina Merli

Director of Administration, Alchemy Face Bar

Sheron Devlin

Professional Permanent Makeup Artist, Founder and CEO of The Browtique

Jason Everett

Business Coach & Co-Founder of High Performance Salon Academy

Josh Boulware

Fitness Coach, Owner of Body by Boulware

Jack Mead

Professional Hairstylist, Co-Owner Jack and the Wolfe

Matthew Miller

Esthetician, Founder and Owner of Matthew Miller Skin

Kechia Taylor

Professional Permanent Makeup Artist, Founder, CEO and Franchisor of Brows & Co.

Damilola Adejonwo

Professional Makeup Artist & TikTok Creator

Olivier de Roany

Humble Bee Sugaring Studio Owner

Dulcinea de Roany

Professional Esthetician, Humble Bee Sugaring Studio Owner

Ronna Green

Professional Hairstylist, Owner of Rare Touch Salon II

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