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7x Grand Slam Singles Tennis Champion, 4x Olympic Gold Medalist, Sportswear & Lifestyle Brand Entrepreneur, and New York Times Best Selling Author
Venus Williams at Iconic 22

Tabatha Coffey

Hair Stylist, Salon Owner, Beauty Entrepreneur & TV Personality

John Hallberg

Founder of TheSalonBusiness.com

Fred Helou

Founder & CEO of Vagaro

Luka Hocevar

Founder of Vigor Ground Fitness, Former Pro Basketball Player, (European Leagues as well as the NBA Summer Pro League), Trains NFL/NBA/UFC + More

Paula Peralta

Los Angeles Celebrity Hair Stylist and John Paul Mitchell Systems Artistic Director

Patricio Battani

Founder of HI SIS Spa and Holds a Master’s in Public Health

Tarik Celebi

Founder and CEO of GLO Yoga

Alec Sukoski

Vagaro Product Design Manager

Douglas Janczyn

Manscape Spa Owner Exclusively Offering Men's Services, Leader in Men's Spa Market

Roxy Collins

Owner/Barber, Noble Wolf Barbers

Adam Nijem

Owner and Head Coach, Star Method Boxing - Former Professional MMA Fighter

Brian Kretsch

14 Time American Ninja Warrior Competitor and Co-Owner of Traverse Fitness

Sam Akoidu

Gym Owner & Trainer, Ironbird Fitness

India Bertin

Owner of Hi Texture Hair Salon, Salon Today 200

Angela Walker

Owner of Natural Hair Studio and Co-Founder of the Natural Hair Industry Convention

Renee Sison

Salon 77 West and Oribe Expert

Michael Piercy

Owner & Founder, The LAB Performance and Sports Science

Black Micropigmentation Association

Founders: Kechia Taylor, Shalon Burruss, Sheron Devlin and Dior Davenport

Lacee Green

Founder and Trainer, Laced Fitness

Deidre Gavin

Founder of Naturally Bare Skincare

Parris Fitzpatrick

Founder and CEO of BeYouTiful Beauty Bar Brand

Anita Chan

Owner of Anita B Spa & Author of Asian Women Who Boss Up

Teresa Miranda

Co-Owner, Red Lipstick Makeup Studio - Taught by Jennifer Lopez’ Makeup Artist, Scott Barnes, Featured in VoyageLA

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